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It was in 2007 I started selling a few funny t-shirts on eBay. As of 2010, I have had the most extensive selection of apparel (4,000 designs) on eBay. Zinga Worldwide LLC grew, and eBay promoted us to the rare anchor store level. After the 2015 Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) in Orlando. I had a few extra days and stumbled into the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo. I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest there is in the amusement industry.

I spoke with multiple suppliers from the U.S. and China. I would ask the U.S. companies, why the Chinese manufactures are so much cheaper. I got the same answer, and they claimed the equipment was cheap and unsafe. The Chinese booths all claimed to have the lowest prices. Quite frankly some of there equipment looked sloppy and cheap. I visited the booth that turned out to be my trusted manufacturer. The first thing she said was we do not have the lowest prices compared to the other Chinese companies. That caught my attention; they sat down with me and explained why their products cost a bit more. First, they build all of their equipment in-house. Second, she took me to a few other Chinese booths and showed me the difference between there quality of build from welding to installation.

I did extensive research on my manufactures, finances, and business reputation, I started designing and selling inflatables throughout 2015. My manufacturer was great to work with, and I did not have a single complaint about the inflatables my customers received. During the 2016 IAAPA show, we discussed selling their trampolines. I was only offering trampolines under 2,000 sqft after getting positive reviews from my trampoline customers. I began looking into selling full-size trampoline parks. At the 2017 IAAPA Expo, they trained me in designing trampoline park layouts. On 1/1/18, I started to create hundreds of trampoline park renderings for our eBay store.

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In 2015 I decided to expand my business. I was excited to start selling amusement products. The main reason for this was I like the challenge of designing trampolines and inflatables that stand out from the standard big box designs. I am finding the success of creating custom amusement attractions and having eBay's most extensive selection of commercial equipment products with over 2,000 amusement park products listed. 

I started getting requests for trampoline parks because of the popularity of large trampolines centers taking customers away from inflatable party centers. I made the big mistake of ordering my first product with a different company, and I paid the price) I found trampolines on "Alibaba" and thought this would be an excellent place to use as a supplier. 
The old saying of if its to good to be true it probably is. My first trampoline was 1,500 sqft the cost was $12,000 with free shipping. I added a $1 a sqft mark up the selling price for my customer was $13,500. When I ordered the trampoline, I had to put 30% down to start the build. 
Two weeks into the build I was told the pricing only included the frame springs and mats. I had to purchase the safety pads separate at $1,100. I had no choice but to pay the increase because I had put down 30%. When the trampoline was ready to ship, they said free shipping, but free shipping was to the Port in China. 
From there I had to arrange sea freight shipping from China to the U.S. I was utterly dumbfounded and naive of how complicated the shipping was. I had to hire a freight forwarder from the Port of China to load it on to the vessel. After doing days of complected research, I ended up hiring a customs broker to handle all of the paperwork for customs duties taxes, etc. The broker charged $2,500 for a one-time shipment bond. Once the item landed at the port, I had to find a freight forwarder to remove the trampoline from the cargo ship to send it to customs and from there to a Port Warehouse.  There  I had to find a shipper that would pick up the item from the port warehouse to my customer. The total cost of shipping came to just over $16,000.

Adding the $16,000 to the trampoline cost came to $28,000. I had no choice but to eat the extra cost. Thankfully I was able to obtain a line of credit from PayPal to cover this additional expense. During this time I had two more future customers inquiring about trampolines. After the trampoline delivered, it was not the advertised quality that listed in the "Alibaba" listing. Nor were there safety certificates registered for the U.S. I then told my customer I would buy back the trampoline and would do my research to find a quality trampoline manufacture.

I then went into extensive research mode. I found out that at least 75% of the listed trampoline on Alibaba are from the same manufacturer under different names. But I knew I wanted to supply trampolines as I design them from scratch. 

I wasn't able to find reputable manufacture by looking at every company I could find on Alibaba with no luck. I then went to the IAAPA - (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) after having a meeting with some manufacturers from the U.S. and China I found a manufacturer that makes all of the trampoline parts in-house. The only thing they do not make is the jumping mats, and they imported from the U.S. During the show they gave me a 10'x10' trampoline to bring home and have all the parts inspected for their quality. They then offered me a complimentary trip to view their company in China.

During this time, I was able to find a Shipping Broker and Customs Broker who would work with the manufacturer and me for accurate shipping quotes.

The original trampoline that ended costing me $28,000 I was able to purchase it for $22,000 with my new and trusted manufacturer. I now offer that first trampoline at a turnkey price of $24,900. When i give a quote, I'm able to provide accurate pricing.

Since then a have sold a large number of trampolines with 100% feedback from my customers. If you decide to purchase from Alibaba its best to add 40-60% of the trampoline cost for upgrade charges, hidden fees, importing and shipping cost. When you purchase a trampoline from us, you will still save 30%-60% of the price from U.S. and U.K. builders. There are many reasons for the difference in pricing. 1: I design each trampoline myself, which saves on  design fees - 2: My overhead costs are minimal - 3: All of my advertising is through eBay. - 4: I do not have a national advertising campaign etc.
Although my prices are significantly lower does not mean I am compromising the quality of my equipment or after-sales support that I offer.

Trampoline jump centers are trendy for all ages, from small children to adults. With the savings from my trampolines, you can open a new business at a fraction of the cost.

Zinga Worldwide LLC                    Sales: 1-612-723-3203  -  Email: sales@zingaland.com

They are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of mechanical, inflatable, trampoline parks and amusement equipment, located in Zhengzhou City, with convenient transportation access. Since 2000, they have been a certified member of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). Through ten years of development, they now have more than 100 skilled workers and 30 technicians and modernized workshops covering 145,00 square feet. They have become one of the largest amusement equipment manufacturers in China.